aloe veraGreater consumer spending on cosmetic and toiletry products, as well as trends  favoring organic and natural formulations, will continue to aid growth in  chemical demand. Advances in volume demand will remain healthy, though limited  by the increasing use of higher value ingredients that are more effective at  lower loadings.

Botanical extracts will benefit from their perception as being more natural and  thus more healthful than traditional cosmetic and toiletry chemicals, such as  petroleum oils and commodity surfactants. These latter products will experience  limited gains, primarily due to the popularity of waterbased formulations in  skin and hair care products, and a trend away from chemicals perceived as being  harsh.

Once a niche segment, organic and natural cosmetics and toiletries have become  more mainstream as concerns about personal health and environmental impact  become more widespread.

ISKA is ready for this challenge. By improving it’s formulations and understanding of the manufacturing process. ISKA Canada will play a major role in distribution and promotion of good quality natural cosmetics.