How did ISKA natural cosmetic line started?

ISKA is a natural cosmetic line exclusively made in Canada. In 2007, unhappy with the products available on the market, a young professional named ISKA started the company. After years of bad skin and many trials using the “best” and most expensive skin care at her disposal, she realized that most of the skincare she used had un-natural ingredients as well as harmful products, including metals and cancer-causing substances. Along with industry experts she started researching and looking for natural alternatives. She wanted the best natural cream for her skin, but she soon realized it was hard to find. So, she started making her own organic skincare products. Attending many seminars and researching the best ingredients for her skin, she started to manufacture her own natural cosmetic line. Initially she supplied her family and friends with her new products, and soon after she started supplying health and beauty spas in Canada. The response to her new venture was great; positive feedback about the new natural creams and their beneficial effect resulted in many new clients and orders.

In the last couple of years the natural cosmetic industry has experienced a major boom. ISKA Canada is at the forefront, with a mission to provide high quality natural skincare products.  Concerned about your health, every ingredient is carefully selected. Our natural cosmetic line is made with premium ingredients all blended in Canada.

We are proud of our organic skincare line. It is entirely made in Canada complying with the high Canadian standards in pharmacology and cosmetics regulation. Canadian women are known to have beautiful looking skin. ISKA natural cosmetics uses the power of aloe vera and other plants to enable you to get the best results for a healthier looking and glowing skin. Our research process is extensive at every stage of the production chain. Every ingredient we use is thoroughly researched and tested. Every selected ingredient is of pharmaceutical grade and from well sourced high quality suppliers.

Natural organic cosmetics are good for your skin, and we recommend using them. Lesser quality cosmetics are more difficult to completely remove from your skin; cosmetic chemicals are absorbed by the skin and subsequently absorbed into the bloodstream.

Bio-cosmetics are a naturally based skincare products created through a process that integrates the production of natural ingredients to the manufacturing formulations. These unique types of skincare products are gaining new followers, beauty experts and consultants at salons and spas. Although many brands advertise bio-cosmetics, only a few offer a truly authentic natural skincare solution.

There is a growing awareness that we are responsible for the world we live in, and an increasing concern for our health. We at ISKA Canada appreciate the needed balance between our earth and our health, and strive to maintain this harmony by using environmentally-friendly products that are nurturing and non-harsh as well as earth and Eco-friendly. After extensive research on the harmful effects of petroleum, we saw an increase in the development of naturally sourced cosmetics in the industry. Knowing the effects of using natural ingredients, modern day natural cosmetics products are safer and more sophisticated than those used in the past.

We are an Eco-friendly company specializing in Organic, Eco Friendly and natural cosmetics. We strive to represent the high Canadian standard of our natural line around the world. We hope you will enjoy our natural cosmetics and personal skin care products as much as we do.

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What ingredients do we use ?

ISKA Bio-cosmetics products are packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients that leave the skin smoother, feeling softer and looking more beautiful. ISKA Canada selects natural ingredients from some of the most pristine and fertile regions of the world: Mexico, Patagonia and Mesopotamia in South America. All ingredients are strictly blended in Canada. You can find a list of ingredients we use most. (click here)

The finest high-quality and truly natural ingredients are used to ensure that the natural components reach your skin. The result is a mixture of soothing, moisturizing, revitalizing, nourishing and anti-oxidant products. ISKA is also proud of its role in promoting environmental consciousness and socially responsible manufacturing practices. Our products are not tested on animals.


Who should use our Skin Care line ?

Anyone can use our formulations. The super hydrating creams are specially designed for people with very dry skin conditions like hypothyroidism.
The facial cleanser can be used on babies and kids alike due to the very soft and gentle ingredients used. All of our products are also designed to be safe for pregnancy. Customers choose our products because our ingredients are of high quality and offer the best natural alternative.

Why are we less expensive ?

Our natural cosmetic line is made of premium organic products. We invest most of our funds on finding quality ingredients, testing and research and not on advertising and promotions. You get what you pay for / quality products not ad campaigns. We are proud of our natural cosmetics line, made in Canada, with its high quality controls and safety standards. If you want to become our partner, whether consumer or distributor, please contact us today.

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